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SquirrelTeamSix asked What kind of LED lights (i know i want red color) to light the underneath of a glass computer desk?

I am looking into buying a glass computer desk to make my gaming set up a little more...awesome =D I want to get LED's to light underneath the desk and i have no clue what kind of LED's to get. Here is the link to the desk i am thinking about getting and they have a couple pictures on the side of what it looks like with different color LED's. If anyone could please help me i would very much appreciate it!

And got the following answer:

That's an interesting idea. I would say that having the LED lighting built into the desk itself is definitely the best option. However you could probably do some DIY and save some money - it will also give you a greater ability to customise. Basically, you want some lighting to be able to stick onto the underside of your desk and illuminate it through the glass. Something like this should work - They are basically just cubes with LEDs in them that change colour. They're only 7.5cm x 7.5cm so they are quite small - and if you get several of them they would be discreet enough to stick on the bottom of your desk. When it comes to sticking them on I would say that using the mood cubes with some double sided tape would work fine - they're not very heavy at all so it shouldn't take much trouble. You could also go to your local office suppliers and ask for some sticky fixers, these are basically double sided pieces of adhesive foam - and they really stick on to a surface solidly. Those mood cubes change colour too, so you can get quite a funky lighting effect. The only thing is they run on batteries, I'd recommend you invest in some rechargeable ones if you're going to be using them all the time. But it's probably worth it for an awesome gaming setup. Hope that helps. Jeff

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