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Peter asked If you buy a extra battery and never use it will it go bad?

A lithium ion battery. I want a extra one for a cordless drill incase they stop making them in a couple years when i need one. If I leave it in the package and never use it will it stay good?

And got the following answer:

That depends on the battery maker. I know this from experience: Hitachi batteries don't hold their charge. That means they need more frequent recharging. And leaving them to go dead dead dead over long periods of time can diminish a batterie's capacity. The same battery made by a different manufacturer (Dewalt in my experience) is a superior battery. Charge it and leave it for months and it's still holding its charge. Much less frequent recharging and better life capacity means the battery will hold up for many years. If you leave a Hitachi battery in a package for several years, I'd be dubious about it being any good. And likely by the time you need a new battery they will have better ones. And I've seen the cost of replacement batteries costing as much as buying a whole new cordless drill. Battery technology has been improving. I'm happy to see Lithium Polymer batteries making their way onto the market. For many years NASA has been holding on to that piece of technology. But now they are becoming available in the market place. In a few years, who knows what the state of battery technology may be. If you buy extra batteries now you may be buying OLD technology, technology you may not even end up using. So save your cash. When you need a new battery buy a new cordless drill. You'll get a new drill AND the latest marketed technology battery available. You won't spend any more than you would just buying new batteries. Best of luck with your project. '')

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