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.o0/{[WHAT]}\0o. asked What are some magnetic objects able to create electricity?

What the most magnetic thing in the world or second and how do you get it? Or make it? Not electromagnets please...

And got the following answer:

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets. eBay is full of small ones. I warn you that even the little ones can hurt if your finger is caught between the magnet and a piece of metal. Magnetism follows an inverse square law, so they go from not pulling to pulling at full force in a very short distance. If you want the strongest magnet you can possibly buy, go here. Be warned that a neodymium magnet the size of your fist is DANGEROUS. Are you familiar with the show Lost and the consequences of not pushing the button? Woe unto those who handle these in the vicinity of metal lamps, screwdrivers, or people with the extreme misfortune to be wearing braces. Also note that strong magnets pose a major hazard to credit cards and computer hard drives. Lesser magnets will have their fields flipped by the presence of larger magnets. My iPhone has proven pretty resilient to extremely strong fields so far but be careful with phones too.

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