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Darrcy asked How to make a drill based/powered Go-Kart?

I have a Go-Kart that functions, but you have to pedal it. I have a Milwaukee cordless drill and I haven't used it (since I have a new Makita drill). So I figured why not turn the Go-Kart into a mechanical powered one. I can't really use a car battery to operate it or gas since I got it for $5 only. So, any tips or links for making a drill powered Go-Kart would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

And got the following answer:

Hi near to where i live is the royal navy air station at yeovilton south west england. last year they ran even called the cordless go kart challenge where teams from around the british isles competed against each other they used chainsaws and Electric cordless drills to powered these go karts. how ever we are not talking single drills but lots of them all working together so one go kart had 36 cordless drills all geared together to have enough power to drive this go kart. the most spectacular was the 36 chainsaw units minus chains of course which powered a dragster to 90 mph in 14 seconds.

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