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as2633 asked How to string paper lanterns in a tent for outdoor wedding>?

Hi, My wedding is in August and I have a 40 x 60 tent, my Aunt rented bulb lights for the tent... however, I would rather use a ton of chinese lanterns. Does anyone have any ideas for stringing them? I planned on buying LED lights, because we don't want to have to run a generator. Any suggestions? Anyone know where I can buy them in bulk? Thank for any information you can give me.

And got the following answer:

I don't know where you are, but there's a company in Vancouver Canada, called Coolite, that sells many paper lanterns. They have a website. The lanterns are very easy to string on light gauge wire or fishing line since they're so light but they don't come with lights in them. The best way to achieve that is probably with Christmas lights, putting one shade over each bulb. If you can get LED lights that are battery-operated, that would work too but then you have to be sure the lights will burn long enough from a battery so you aren't trying to replace batteries halfway through the party. Perhaps you should talk to an electrician and see what you could run off a couple of car batteries, or whether you could get a quiet generator and put it in a box far away to reduce noise. Call a local party supply place and see what lighting they have for rent, this is a fairly common problem and they may have something you could use for lighting.

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