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finnuala asked How do I configure the upper and lower heating function of my compact electric oven?

You see I don´t know how to set it because itś settings control is combined with that with the temperature control, meaning, I have only one Temperature and Heating knob..turning clockwise is the temperature and turning counter clockwise is the heating. I won be able to set the timer if I turn it counter clockwise.

And got the following answer:

Happy to try and help, but much more information is needed. First off, I would refer to the instruction manual if you have it. If you do not (assuming you would not ask if so), many are online and can be downloaded, in which I can also help locate if you are in need, and it is available. If you could provide the following information, I am sure many more people here would have a better idea of how to help. 1) Brand/Manufacturer; 2) Model; and/or 3) Any other identifying information. Please either update your post, or feel free to e-mail. Hope something here will help 😉

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