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Eric asked what are the most renowned magazines in LED lighting and gardening in Europe?

I am curious about the LED (or gardening) magazines in Deutschland and Britain. Can anybody let me know? Many thanks in advance XD

And got the following answer:

At the moment I do not think there are any. In the US there are some online sites devoted to LED lighting, If Europe conducts a seminar such as the one here it might help spur the development of such a magazine. However, if you can find enough sponsors, who says that you cannot create that magazine yourself? You have the criteria of what you want to see already. has probably the single best assortment of useful links for the concept you have in mind. You might also contact the lighting manufacturers themselves, Cree (supplies Philips Osram and others), Vishay, Lite-on, and others. Digikey in the US, sells worldwide and has a fairly complete listing of vendors, and quite a few LED component parts.

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