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Watso asked How do you work out a signal output for temperature controller?

If you have a process range of 0-500'c Process variable of 300'c What will be the transmission signal in mA

And got the following answer:

The output signal will vary according to the process variable deviating from the controller set-point If your controller is an analog type (4 - 20 mA), the controller output (you did ask for the controller output signal and not the temperature transmitter output) the controller will send the required signal to modulate the control valve. A controller's output can vary anywhere within the 4 - 20 mA range. How this signal responds to the process variable deviation depends on the tuning of the controllers PID variables. Temperature controllers use the Integral mode to a great extent. Regardless where you set the apparent 300'C control range within the 0 - 500'C span of the process, the controller will determine the proper output signal to keep the controller's trend line in a straight line.

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