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David P asked What 12 Volt Inverter Will Work Best for Emergency power?

I would like to have a power inverter to run off my car for use during power outages. At a minimum, I'd like enough power to run a kitchen refrigerator. Does pure sine versus modified sine matter for this application? What is the optimal size to use? Please recommend brands / models you have personal experience with. Thank you!

And got the following answer:

The very cheapest electrical goods are seldom as good as those that cost more. I'd advise you to look at inverter reviews. Also it's better to get one rated well above the power you need. A fridge doesn't use a lot of power so a 300 watt inverter is probably plenty. A deep cycle battery is better for inverter use as you may discharge the battery quite a lot. A car battery is not designed for this kind of use, and will be damaged by repeated deep discharge. To get a rough idea of battery size needed, divide the power needed by the battery voltage, this will give the current draw, and multiply this by the no. of hours you may need the device to run for. For example, lets say your fridge is 120 watts. 120 divided by 12 for a 12 volt battery gives 10 amps. If you want the fridge to run for 10 hours your battery needs to be rated more than 10 x 10 or 100 AH (amp hours). because the inverter will not be 100% efficient. These figures are approximate, the only way to find out for sure how long the battery will run is to use it. When battery voltage drops below the working level for the inverter, it will sound an alarm and shut down.

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