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Hustler asked Electricians: What is pure sine power inverter vs regular 12v power inverter?

i have a 400 and 1000 watt 12v inverters in each of my truck. i hook up lights, cordless drill chargers, corded tools, nothing special and no complaints. but i hear people talking about pure sine wave power inverter and i was wondering what is it and how do i benefit from it?

And got the following answer:

Only electronics are sensitive to wave-forms. A power-tool, light, drill-charger or similar do not need 'clean' power to operate safely. Note that most (all) "Grid-Tie" inverters are pure sine-wave, which is what you get from your electric Utility. Equipment that uses transformers operates more efficiently from a sine-wave, chopped DC, truncated square-waves and otherwise distorted wave-forms can cause audio or visual distortion. Again, in general, corded tools and motors are not very sensitive unless they are selsyn types (synchronous clock/timer motors).

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