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Marco asked Snake rack vs. snake cage. Which should I get in my situation?

Being still very new to snakes, I've come to love em. I've got two snakes currently a 5 month old kenyan sand boa and a yearling ball python. I've got over 20 books on corn snakes, ball pythons, and boas. I've also done a lot ov research for via the internet. Also have visited a couple ov local breeders and reptile shops and have gotten good and accurate details about my snakes. I've got my kenyan sand boa which is a foot in length in a 10 gallon, while my ball python is 2 feet in length and is in a 20 gallon long. I've set aside a good chunk ov money, especially working and making decent money, im fortunate enough to pay off my expenses and still have money to put aside for herps. My next snakes I plan to get are a male hog island boa, a female kenyan sand boa, and a female ball python. I plan to purchase these in future expos in california. So I want to buy all ov these snakes as yearlings or so. Totaling my snake collection at 5 snakes. I've been looking at boaphile cages, specifically the 4' long by 2' deep and 17.5" tall. Split down the middle so it makes 2 cages in which I can happily home 2 individual ball pythons, my current male and future female. I plan to keep my kenyan sand boa in the 10 gallon tank, or even move him to the 20 gallon long. But as for the future hog island and kenyan female, I do not have housing for them. So here is the question :] Should I get a boaphile rack, or another rack even build it myself, so I can house all 5 ov the snakes? Or should I invest in boaphiles as I described earlier, the 4'x2'x17.5"? I woukd have room for both cages and rack, but prefer to buy one, as boaphiles are expensive, but I've heard nothing be excelence from them, and have the cash to spare. So should I get the cages? Or rack? And would it work? Because don't all 3 different kinds ov snakes I mention need different temperatures? All help is appreciated. 10 points for best answer!

And got the following answer:

Snakes enjoy their privacy when they're digesting food, sleeping, etc, and don't like to feel like they're in the open. I find snakes like opaque tubs rather than glass cages, and like the security of a low ceiling. Predators come from above, and if the snake can see the ceiling clearly even though it's dark and they can't see out, they are the most comfortable. I like CB-70 tubs, as they have lots of floor space, are easy to clean, are reasonably priced, and have that 'low ceiling' that snakes are looking for. Deep substrate and a low ceiling are more easily accomplished in a rack system. I personally haven't used the boaphile's racks, (I use freedom breeder and ARS caging racks.), but I hear they are ok. I think they don't keep most of them in stock, and they wait until they get orders for a few of them before they build them, so you may have a little wait. You might get lucky and get it right away. The first few racks I built worked for a while, but I made all they typical 'first time' mistakes, and know better what to look for in a rack. It's an education, but education is rarely cheap. It comes down to how many snakes you are going to get soon, and if you have tools, table saw, truck, and stuff like that. If you have the tools, the time, and the truck, I'd suggest building your own. It will teach you more about snake racks that you probably wanted to know. Also, animal plastics have a bunch of economy plastic racks that aren't on their website yet, give them a call, and see if they can build you something nice. Racks tend to get cooler on the bottom, and warmer toward the top, I keep 5 different species in my ARS 30 place racks with no problems. I also have mine set up with 4 thermostats, so I have dual zone controls, and redundant heat, as well as fault tolerance. I have nightmares about a thermostat failing and cooking all my pets. A backup thermostat is the way to go for peace of mind. I use dual and quad Ranco thermostats.

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