The Ultimate ridgid 12v cordless drill reviews

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five dude asked oscillating power tools?

do the multifunction oscillating power tools really work good? like the ones that sand,cut,saw,grind all of that stuff? also which one is the best to buy? i want one that can do it all and one that has all the attachments available for it

And got the following answer:

What's up Five Dude, buying some new tools? I'm the Hammer and I've got some suggestions for you. Many companies now make oscillating tools, so there are many to choose from. I'm a blacksmith and a Home Depot associate (hardware) and get to play with all the new stuff when it comes out. The Dremel version only takes its own attachments, so that may limit your options. The Bosch will take either the Bosch or Dremel attachments, so that gives you more options, plus it is cordless (12V lithium). The Ridgid Job-max will take Bosch, Dremel or its own, and is cordless also (12V lithium). The Ridgid also has interchangeable heads: drill, impact, hammer, and ratchet. I've used them all either at Home Depot, or my shop, and like them all for various reasons. The one that I own, of the ones mentioned, is the Ridgid because of parts availability. I also own the Fein multimaster, and even though they are expensive, you might want to check it out if your budget allows. That being said, check them all out, play with them if there is a demo area set up, and then make your decision. Do they work? Yes. Corded or battery? You'll know when you hold it... all the cordless ones come with lithium batteries for longer work times and fast charge times, so don't be afraid of getting one without a cord. I'm Ray the Hammer, and hopefully I've given you some insight... let me know what you decide.

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