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chris asked 12v Ryobi cordless drill wont work.?

My dad was going to throw out an old ryobi 12v cordless drill but he said if I can fix it I can have it. The drill and batteries work. The charger however wont light up when I plug it in. I took it apart everything looks ok to what I can see. When I put the battery in the charger in it it won't lock in and i have to push the thing in it to lock it and Im not sure if the led light just burnt out. Im not sure if anyone and tell me whats wrong it if you has a similar problem or something.

And got the following answer:

I don't know how old your charger is because 12v units are not very powerful. But it's free. 18v units have more power and charge lasts longer. Try this: 1) Remove power from charger. Clean all eletrical battery contacts with a Q-tip and Isopropyl Alcohol and let dry. Plug in Battery and see if it charges. 2) If this does not work, you need to check battery contacts with a DC voltmeter to see if the battery is getting a charge.

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