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nelly asked How to test the efficiency of a solar car?

I am doing a physics experiment and i bought a little solar kit that makes a car. I plan to test it under three different types of bulbs. Halogen, Incandescent, and Fluorescent. I know that the Incandescent will work the best through research although how can i test the efficiency of each bulb. I was thinking maybe time it over a small track of about 3 yards? The kit i bought is (click on specifications)

And got the following answer:

On a horizontal track, you only measure the distance traveled against air drag and rolling friction. Since you don't know how aerodynamics the car is, it is better to measure progress uphill against gravity at slow speed. In terms of light output per watt of electricity, fluorescent lights are about 4 times more efficient than incandescents. LEDs are even more efficient that fluorescents. However, your photoelectric cells may draw some power from the invisible heat radiation of incandescents.

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