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lex2 asked How much do I need to set-up a solar powered apartment that uses about 500kl/hr of electricity monthly?

My apartment is about 100 sqm and I wanted to supply it with solar power. Estimated monthly power usage is about 500 kilowatt/hr. How much will i need to set up a complete solar power system. Panels and inverters included.

And got the following answer:

Your electric usage is about the same as mine. I could get a 4000 watt system and supply my needs. That size of a system would cost you in the USA about $26,000 installed unless you are dealing with a greedy dealer. The problem you have is you do not own your home so you will not beable to hook the system into the home. Here is some info from a website based on 500 kWhrs usage and useing a 3.7 kwh system. Costing around 26K installed. Your average monthly electricity bill is : $50.00 During the last 12 months you spent: $600.00 During the next 10 years you will spend: $7,285.20 During the next 30 years electricity will cost you : $32,057.68 What is the return on your investment (ROI)? ZERO !!! Electric bills are not an investment, It is money down the drain. Solar is a profitable investment You can pay your Electric Company a total dollar amount of $32,057.68 and see a ZERO! return on your investment. Or you can invest money into a Solar Electric System and recive a HUGE ROI. Based on the information provided, you would beable to save $5,819.66 for the home owner and $11,186.10 if you are a business owner. Plus you now own your own Elecctric Power Plant.

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