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erdavis666 asked I need to build a Temperature Controlled Box For Desert Research?

The box is about 24 x 24 x 10, so think small. It needs to house a laptop and a few sensors. I have access to electricity but I need to figure how to heat and cool this box. In the daytime the desert is very hot and at night the reverse. Any suggestions or parts you can point me towards? Someone other there has to have done this before. Cheaper is also better for me, as I need to build 20 of these boxes for my research.

And got the following answer:

You might look at "cooltron" equipment. They market cooler/heater type storage for cars so you can keep your food cool or warm depending on the requirement some models are either/or and some are for cooling only or heating(warming) only. Some cooltron products I believe run on both 12 and 110volts for the north american market and if they're sold in Europe I would suppose they are built for 12 and 220.......just check out their website. (Don't know where you are) If you can't find the right size may be you could buy one and pirate the works for an insulated box you build yourself.

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