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Jessica asked why does the fan motor on a central air unit keep running when the air conditioning shuts off?

(Home Air conditioner) I thought it was the fan relay switch, i switched it but it still keeps running when the air conditioning is shut off.... any thoughts or suggestions?

And got the following answer:

I see this alot in older furnace/central air units. The furnace fan runs when the A/C is on. The fan is also activated by heat. If your furnace is a gas fired furnace and has a standing pilot light ( has a pilot flame burning 24/7), the heat of the pilot flame can trigger the fan control to turn the furnace fan on to evacute the heat from the pilot out of the furnace. Or, the fan control can be stuck (age) so the fan runs constantly because the relay is stuck. Most relays are adjustable to come on at a higher temperature. A stuck relay probably needs replacing. Some fan controls also have a button on then that makes the fan run 24/7. These can be switched to auto or a temperature controled fan operation. Good luck.

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