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asked How does a grid solar inverter get power to flow to the grid?

I seem to get condradictory results in web searches. Some sources say the inverter only matches the grid voltage, while others say the inverter puts out a slighty higher synchronised voltage. If it just matches...than I gather to low resistance of the grid will allow current to sourced out? Appreciate any enlightment

And got the following answer:

A basic inverter converts DC into 120 VAC. The DC may come from batteries charged by a Solar panel or directly from a Solar Panel (during the day). A more sophisticated Grid tie inverter will match the AC sine wave being produced by the inverter circuit with the sine wave of the line power being produced by the power company. This is called synchronization, the matching of power sine waves being generated so that they may be electrically connected together. As the home uses electricity its needs will be met by power being supplied by the power company or from what ever power is available from the solar system via the inverter. If more power is being producd by the solar system than what is required. The excess is either stored in batteries OR is allowed to flow back onto the power line. If you can send power "back to the power company" (the grid) your electric meter will run backwards (Net metering) giving you credit for the power you are supplying to the grid. If you need more power than what you generate then your electric meter would run slower because you are not using all of that power from the grid, you are generating some of the power so your electric meter only needs to pass the electricity to make up the difference .

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