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hermonine asked What is the best drill to get to tighten/loosen bolts?

Let it be known I know NOTHING about drills. I want to get my dad a drill for Christmas but I have no clue what I should get. I want to get him a wireless drill that comes with or I can buy an attachment or something to tighten and loose bolts really good for horse stall clamp bolts, building bolts, etc. along with still being able to use it as a drill for metal pannels, fencing and such. Any clue on a good one I should get? If it does not come with the attachement to take care of the tightening bolts which attachment should I get (what is that attachment called by the way?)? I want a good one but I am on a budget so the best cheapest ones lol :P. I am going black friday shopping so if you know any good ones then list those as well. Thanks.

And got the following answer:

The one that drives nuts and bolts is called an impact driver. They make drill bits with the hex shaft to fit impacts, but get an impact that has a drill setting if he needs to drill as well.

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