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Jimbo A asked What is the proper term/word & part # for the blower resister on a 2005 Nissan Frontier?

I need a new blower resister for my '05 Nissan Frontier. I've heard it referred to as a thermal control amplifier, amplifier thermal control and fan speed resister but every Nissan dealership in our area calls it by something different. Please advised on the proper word and OEM part# if possible. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

Motor controler or fan resistor is not a Intake temp sensor or a/c thermo amp. After 2004 those names changed. Evap temp sensor nissan calls (intake temp sensor) and Blower resistor motor speed controller Nissan calls ( Motor Amp). Just remember if there is a motor problem that draws to many amps (over20amp) could cause the resistor ot motor amp to burn out. Blower runs on a 30 amp circuit

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