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kathyannage asked can a thermocouple be soldered back together?

The thermocouple in my spa is broken. The bulb end that is attached to the long copper wire broke off. Can I solder it back? Will it still sense the temp of the water?

And got the following answer:

I think you may have a manometer based temperature sensor not technically a thermocouple. You can probably solder the copper wire back on but chances are not good that it will accurately sense temerpature (or even produce enough of a signal for the controller to work). If you want to try, just be careful that you don't turn it on and walk away because the heater may come on and never shut off. Replacing the heater (or burning up your hottub) is a lot more expensive than buying a new temperature sensor. Even if you simply buy a new one and install it, I'd keep a close eye on it for the first day.

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