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kwakers asked replacing a thermostat control on a hotpoint RVA21V fridge?

My hotpoint RVA21VP larder fridge had stopped cooling, so traced the fault to the thermostat control. I have bought a new (genuine hotpoint) replacement part but when I try to fit the capillary tube into the small hole on the inside of the wall of the fridge it won't slide in very far and starts to kink up and there is no way of trying to feed it through any other way. So my question is would it be alright if I secured the tube to the inside wall of the fridge and obviously not drilling or attaching screws to the back wall of the fridge. if the tube was just laying close to the back wall of the fridge would it still sense the change in temperature? and operate the control ?

And got the following answer:

==== your best answer is going to be from the Hotpoint 800 line and the technical services == unless you get an answer from a local or knowledgeable "" appliance hospital"" or repair shop == could be that you get a repairman to properly fit the thermo-control and have it working correctly ......

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