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Butch Barbie asked I'm thinking of buying a leisure battery, what type of inverter do I need for best performance?

I will be using the battery to run a lap top and a small light and to recharge batteries for lamps and cameras. Any advice for where to purchase in Liverpool, England or online would be appreciated. Thanks

And got the following answer:

You need a multi-stage charger for your battery. You need a high quality deep cycle Gel type industrial battery - or if using a lead acid deep cycle battery you can only flatten the battery to 50% max - do not consider a starting type battery. You need a quality Sine wave inverter of 300 or 600 watts continuous output. Do not consider cheap Asian or modified square wave form types for use with sensitive equipment such as computers or micro-processor controlled chargers. I am sorry but I only have direct experience with Australian equipment and suppliers, I have seen Trace brand units in England - but have no idea of their current branding or distribution. Google sine wave inverters and see what comes up in your area. Good luck.

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