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Akachi Nwoke asked Can i charge another auto battery with inverter?

My inverter produces light with battery, i want to know if i could connect auto battery charger and use it to charge the battery. What are the effects and implications?

And got the following answer:

Yes, you can use an inverter to charge another car battery: if you've got an inverter plugged into your car, and your car is running (thus preventing your car's battery from going low), and you charge a second battery from that inverter, it will work fine. However, you can't ever get a battery to charge itself: while it is true that the electricity will run in "circles" from the battery terminals to the inverter to the charger and back to the battery terminals, new energy will never go IN to the battery because the only energy that is available in the circuit is leaving the battery in order to be wasted by the inefficiencies of the charging system (fans, lights, meters, control circuits, transistors, relays, etc). - Kipp

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