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Matt asked are white LED running lights illegal under a truck?

I have some white LED lights and I put them under my truck. Are they illegal here in Texas?

And got the following answer:

Recon LED running lights are a great way to snag more attention and to be safer, either on the road or in a parking lot. These lights are called Big Rig by Recon since they run along the side of your truck's cab, just like the lights on a big rig. The standard Big Rig running lights have 2 amber light bars that serve as running lights while your headlights are on and they also blink when activate your turn signal. Recon Lights also offers the Big Rig ICE running lights. THis kit has all the same features as the regular Big Rig kit with the added bonus of white LED courtesy lights! The ICE lights are activated whenever a door is opened or closed. Recon added this feature since they know how important safety is. Recon makes the Big Rig running lights in 2 sizes to fit virtually any truck on the road. Recon has also gotten the approval of the NHTSA, making these running lights street legal in all 50 states.

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