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Doobie asked How do I add a light kit to a safe that turns on and off when the door opens?

I have a gun safe and want to add a light kit (LED, preferably) that will turn on when the door is open and off when the door is shut. Are there kits out there for this? If not, how can I make one myself?

And got the following answer:

Sure you want to do that? If the safe is hermetically sealed, you would have to drill a hole in it to get electric to it. Battery power won't give you enough light. If you do want to do that, I would recommend the halogen type that are made for under the counter in a kitchen. Those are available in a kit. You would add a magnetic switch from a burglar alarm to that kit. If you really must have LED, you could buy an LED work light and open it up to get to the switch. You could then run wires from the switch to a magnetic switch that you mount by the door frame. The magnet would go into the door or stuck on the door. These are readily available for burglar alarms. You could also just use the LED work light since some are Rechargeable battery powered. You would have to take it out periodically to recharge the battery.

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