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asked Im building a two story building in Ghana, West Africa.. It needs to be solar powered.?

Each floor is about 1500 sq ft. We are needing the power for lighting. (not much, just enough to see ok.) Two electrical ovens, a few small fans and other small appliances for laptops and such.. Id like to know what kind of solar panel i should use and the costs of it.. It is for a non-profit org im trying to get up and running called Impact Project Ghana. Were hoping a green company will help by donating them but if not we will have to purchase them ourselves.. Thank ya much!!

And got the following answer:

Most modern systems are grid tied and therefore can effectively use the grid as a 100% efficient battery and peak power usage isn't an issue. However, it's probably likely that you're talking about a gridless solution which would require batteries and all the lights and appliances should be 12V light and appliances in order to avoid the loss of energy through an inverter, an inverter can be as bad as 60% efficient. Lead Acid batteries which are the least expensive are about 50% efficient at charging. Solar panels typically produce 17 VDC even though they are rated as 12V panels, such a voltage can damage the batteries so a charge controller is needed to regulate the charging. If you can convert anything to something other than solar than you should do so. There are kerosene refrigerators which is usually the most important item for medications and food. It is possible to run such refrigerators on solar power but you would need to use oil as the transfer fluid because 450 Fahrenheit is needed for the refrigeration cycle. You would probably also need a molten salt thermal storage unit for such high temperatures though an insulated tank might work. Good luck.

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