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boydantiqueshop asked Can you use a power inverter to power your house from a car battery?

I wouldnt expect to run rhe whole house---just the essentials---how much can I run off the battery and how long would it last?

And got the following answer:

I doubt it. But list what you call essentials and I can calculate it more exactly. Do NOT use a car battery indoors, they put out poisonous fumes. You would need a sealed marine lead acid battery, and a large one costs about $300. If you have a 500 watt load (a few lights, a small refrig, small TV) that would run down a large battery as follows: a large battery is 100 amp-hrs which is about 1200 watt hours. After inverter losses, that is 1000 watt hours. A 500 watt load would last 2 hours at most. .

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