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Axel asked What's the difference between an Electrical Engineer and a Electronic Engineer ?

What's the difference ? What's overall better electrical engineer or a electronic engineer ?

And got the following answer:

Electrical engineer: Design of transformers, dc machines, alternators, power generation and distribution, power factor correction, power plants, fault identifcation, electrical energy meters, protection equipment, etc etc. All concerned with power. Electronics: Op amps, transistors, FETs, diodes, thyristors, SCR's sensors, signal amplification and conditioning, analog signal processing, low power regulation, data acquisition and control, remote control, energy monitoring, wireless control, micro controllers, fire alarms, sensors and alarms for gas, temperature , pressure flow, level, etc etc. Digital signal processing, data mining, data collection, data analysis, communication, Satellite and land Communication, Am, FM, PM, PCM, ADPCM, internet associated activities, mobile associated Development, remote operation of equipment, automatic control of vehicles, aero nautical applications (AVIONICS), Mechatronics, vehicle fuel management, anti collision detection and prevention, etc etc etc

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