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Enqine query asked I wnat to make electric generator for my home with an engine of px 150 any one help me out in this regard thx.?

How I made generator with Px 150 engine.

And got the following answer:

It seems a PX150 is a Vespa motor scooter engine. As such it is not very suitable to power your home. The top end of the horsepower rating is 15hp but others mention 8hp. That means ideally the power is from 6KW to 11KW approx, so that is the biggest generator size that can be driven. It may be that a 3 - 5KW generator is suitable, allowing for drive losses and true engine power. I have a direct drive Yamaha generator with 8hp engine that is 3KVA. It uses an inverter technique so the engine speed can be variable. The engine and the generator are types suitable for this purpose. The RPM for this peak power of the engine has to be be matched to the generator RPM of 1500 for 50Hz or 1800 for 60Hz. That uses gears or a belt drive of some kind. Some generators may have twice this RPM, which would be helpful. The engine needs a governor for constant speed. At first this would seem reasonable, but this type of engine is not intended for running long periods at full power. Its life would be very short (most likely about 2000 hours). It may even overheat. In the scooter use, it probably only goes to peak power for brief times, so is not really continuously rated. Other issues almost certain to arise are noise, toxic gases (yes, lots of seriously toxic Carbon Monoxide) and zoning regulations. The cost of this power compared to the grid supply will most likely be high. I think you can expect over 10 liters of fuel a day, but of course it depends on what you are running.

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